Salary Report

Today, Macau remains one of the most competitive markets for human resources and talents. One of the key drivers of attracting and retaining talents is ensuring that one’s organization stays relevant with the market’s Compensation & Benefits structure.

MSS Recruitment, the leading recruitment agency in Macau, is proud to be the publisher of the only industry salary survey available in the Macau market: Macau Retail Salary Report and Macau Hospitality Salary Report. The salary report provides comprehensive compensation & benefits intelligence as well as human resources market overview for Macau market.

To find out more about what the hiring outlook and what talents are paid in Macau, please contact us to purchase a copy of the latest salary survey report.

  • Macau Hospitality Salary Report
  • Macau Retail Salary Report

Email us to purchase a copy of the latest Macau Salary Report: info@mss-recruitment.com

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